Decks included in the simulator’s database and deck evolution

The Deck Simulator for Hearthstone app includes a database of decks that are intended to be used as comparison points against decks you make, with the goal of classifying their strength. These were mostly made by myself, my friends, or from decks I picked up online somewhere. However three of the decks included were designed with the help of an evolutionary algorithm that I created:

  • Evolved Paladin 205
  • Evolved Paladin 215
  • Evolved Warrior

Describing the entire algorithm in detail would be be quite lengthy, so for now I’ll just describe it briefly from a high level:

1) Create a bunch of decks with random cards

2) Play a single-elimanation tournament until the winner is decided, and rank the decks by their win rate

3) Get rid of the lower-ranking decks and replace them with mutated versions of the higher-ranking decks. For example I might remove or replace a random card or two

4) Go back to step #2

After going through the process through hundred of iterations (tournaments), if things went well the winning decks should be quite strong. It took a lot of trial and error and parameter tweaking, but eventually I ‘evolved’ a few decks that weren’t so bad. The above three are some of the better ones from that group.

I’m not going to give the full deck lists here, but if you are curious please consider downloading the app on iTunes . I will say that their crafting cost isn’t cheap (two of the decks are over 9000). Also it’s interesting that all three of them just happen to have Ragnaros the Firelord (one of my favorite cards).

I haven’t tried any of these decks in real games online, but if you happen to own the cards feel free to try them out and let me know how they perform.




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