Basic feature set of Deck Simulator for Hearthstone

This post will be for those of you who were wondering what our app, Deck Simulator for Hearthstone, really does. What does it mean to “simulate” a deck anyway?

The simulator takes a list of participants, each which is defined by the deck it uses and the AI (artificial intelligence) style chosen. The contents of the deck must be 30 cards, and the usual rules apply – all cards must be either neutral of that of the chosen class (Mage, Warrior, etc.), and any card can be included twice except for legendary cards which can be present only once. There are several different types of AI players available, and each one effects what cards are played, what targets are chosen, and what attacks are done.

Before you start the simulation you have an opportunity to change a few settings, including the simulation type and number of rounds per matchup.

Once you kick off the simulation, you are changed to a different screen that shows what the current match number is, the the matches which will be played, and which two participants are currently going at it.

A match consists of all steps of a normal Hearthstone game. After choosing redraw cards, one player takes their turn followed by the other, and so on until one player looses by their life total reaching 0.  For most of the tournament modes the play-by-play details are not shown, however if you choose to run a single match (the rightmost tournament type) then you will see a detailed log of every turn and what happened, including what cards were drawn, which were played, and who attacked what.

The bottom half of the screen shows a list of all the participants (AI chosen and deck), sorted by their win ratio with the best ones on the top. Once all matches are complete, this table will show the final results of how many matches each participant played, and what percent of games they won.

The tournament results are designed to act as a rough guide as to which decks are better than others.

I hope this post gave you some idea about what the Deck Simulator for Hearthstone iPad app does (available now on iTunes, free for a limited time). I’ll be going into detail about many of these topics in future posts, so stay tuned!





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